The Heart of the Woods

The Art and Craft of Chainsaw Carving

Realistic, creative, fascinating

All carvings are created from whole, natural logs, not processed, composite, or pre-blocked wood.

So whether you acquire a carving for a gift, a rememberance, or something just for you (because you deserve it!), know these creations are from the heart...of the woods.





A creation from a log is not just a pleasure to look at!

It may be entertaining or it may be functional.


It can memorialize an event, a pet, or a member of your family.


A building, a bear, or a bird.


It can be anything you want it to be.


Whether stained, painted, or polished to show off the grain, carvings are finished to display this natural, beautiful material to it's best advantage.


Unusual discolorations, defects, and anomolies in the wood are used to their best advantage and are valued in the final carving.